ILR501 - Mediation for Managers
ILR521 - Collective Bargaining
ILR522 - Effective Labor Negotiations
ILR523 - Principles of Costing
ILR524 - Handling Grievances
ILR525 - Arbitration
ILRHR521 - Aligning Employee Performance with Organizational Goals
ILRHR522 - Total Rewards Compensation
ILRHR523 - Navigating Labor Relations
ILRHR524 - Facilitating Staffing Decisions
ILRHR525 - Driving Engagement for HR
ILRHR526 - Employee Training and Development
ILRHR527 - Countering Bias in the Workplace for HR
ILRHR528 - Fostering a Coaching Culture
ILRHR529 - Consulting Skills for Internal HR
ILRHR551 - Human Resources Leadership
ILRHR552 - Aligning HR Strategy with Organizational Strategy
ILRHR553 - Diversity and Inclusion in Practice for HR
ILRHR554 - Getting Results through Talent Management
ILRHR556 - Strategic Engagement
ILRHR557 - Using Design Thinking in HR
ILRHR561 - Designing and Implementing Effective Social Media Policy
ILRHR562 - Finding and Managing Talent Through Social Media
ILRHR563 - Creating and Sustaining Remote Work Programs
ILRHR571 - Measuring and Compensating for Performance
ILRHR572 - Attracting and Retaining Talent with Performance Pay
ILRHR573 - Assessing the Financial, Strategic, and People-Related Return on Pay for Performance
ILRHR581 - Essentials of HR Analytics
ILRHR582 - Strategic Talent Analytics
ILRHR583 - Applied Predictive Analytics in HR
ILRHR584 - Valuing HR Initiatives
ILRHR591 - Conducting Effective Employee Relations Conversations
ILRSC521 - Employment Law and Policy Issues
ILRSC522 - Equal Employment Opportunity and Employee Treatment Issues
ILRSC523 - Benefits, Compensation, Safety, and Other Legal Issues
ILRSC524 - Employment Laws Around the Globe
ILRSC525 - HR Policies in International Contexts
ILRSM810 - Managing for Execution
ILRSM820 - Change Leadership
ILRSM840 - Managing Global Employment Issues and Work Practices
ILRWC100 - HR Management Faculty Webcast
PHR002 - PHR Prep Course
PHRSPHR01 - eCornell's PHR/SPHR Prep Course
PTRILR001 - Cornell University Inclusion Study – Leader Training
PTRYTI001 - Workplace Disability Inclusion
PTRYTI002 - Autism at Work
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