6 Courses Required

Additional Details

Target Audience

  • Hiring managers
  • Talent recruiters
  • HR professionals
  • Professionals looking to move into HR or talent acquisition


  • Recruiting and Talent Acquisition Certificate from Cornell ILR School
  • 48 Professional Development Hours (4.8 CEUs)
  • 5 Professional Development Units (PDUs) toward PMI recertification

Certificate Description

Attracting the right talent to the right positions is one of the top challenges today’s organizations face. Hiring is on the rise and competition for skilled employees is steeper than ever. And beyond talent acquisition, companies are under a multitude of pressures to effectively manage their talent, build a pipeline of future leaders, and reduce employee turnover.

In this program, you’ll learn key strategies to plan for and acquire quality talent for your team, organization, or clients, including how to adapt to evolving market conditions to recruit and retain employees with the necessary skills to further organizational goals. By focusing not just on the “how” but the “why,” you’ll have the opportunity to refine your approach to effective talent acquisition and interviewing to create a powerful employment brand that resonates in the workforce. The courses will also explore a framework for aligning job compensation to performance while steering clear of risks and equity concerns.

Ultimately, you’ll come away with an agile approach for attracting, developing, and engaging critical talent so you can meet the demands of changing environments with changing needs.

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Recruiting and Talent Acquisition
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