CAC101 - Constructing Expressions in Python
CAC102 - Writing Custom Python Functions, Classes, and Workflows
CAC103 - Developing Data Science Applications
CAC104 - Creating Data Arrays and Tables in Python
CAC105 - Organizing Data with Python
CAC106 - Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Python
CAC107 - Building Predictive Machine Learning Models
CAC113 - Creating Data Visualizations with Tableau
CAC114 - Enhancing Data Visualizations with Tableau
CAC115 - Telling a Data-Driven Story with Tableau
CORE521 - Presenting Quantitative Data
CORE522 - Descriptive Statistics for Business
CORE523 - Making Predictions Using Statistical Probability
CORE524 - Inferential Statistics
CORE525 - Multivariable Comparisons
CORE526 - Statistical Forecasting
CORE527 - Practical Applications of Statistics
DYS541 - Getting Started with Spreadsheet Modeling and Business Analytics
DYS542 - Harvesting Spreadsheet Data
DYS543 - Visualizing and Communicating Insights In Excel
DYS544 - Making Predictions and Forecasts with Data
DYS545 - Using Prescriptive Analytics in Excel
DYS546 - Creating and Sharing Interactive Data Models
DYSHS111 - Pre-College Analytics and Spreadsheet Modeling
ILR511 - Interpreting and Communicating Data
ILR512 - Using Statistical Tests to Make Decisions
ILR513 - Applying Statistical Tests
ILR514 - Making Predictions With Data Models
SHA571 - Understanding and Visualizing Data
SHA572 - Implementing Scientific Decision Making
SHA573 - Using Predictive Data Analysis
SHA574 - Modeling Uncertainty and Risk
SHA575 - Optimization and Modeling Simultaneous Decisions
SHA576 - Predictive Analytics in R
SHA577 - Clustering, Classification, and Machine Learning in R
SHA578 - Prescriptive Analytics in R
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