CAS531 - Linear Algebra: Low Dimension
CAS532 - Matrix and Linear Algebra: High Dimension
CEEM561 - Preparing for Success as a Product Manager
CEEM562 - Managing Product Teams
CEEM563 - Identifying and Targeting Customer Needs
CEEM564 - Prioritizing for Product Roadmaps
CEEM565 - Designing and Developing Products
CEEM566 - Managing the Product Lifecycle
CETL501 - Strengths-Based Technology Leadership
CETL502 - Values-Based Technology Leadership
CETL503 - Decision-Making Skills for Technology Leaders
CETL504 - Collaborative Communication for Technology Leaders
CETL505 - Courageous Communication for Technology Leaders
CETL506 - Influence and Motivation for Technology Leaders
CIS301 - Human-Centered Design Essentials
CIS302 - Effective User Research
CIS303 - Creating User Personas
CIS304 - Developing a UX Design Concept
CIS305 - Prototyping and UX Feedback
CIS306 - Evaluating Usability
CIS531 - Problem-Solving with Machine Learning
CIS532 - Estimating Probability Distributions
CIS533 - Learning with Linear Classifiers
CIS534 - Decision Trees and Model Selection
CIS535 - Debugging and Improving Machine Learning Models
CIS536 - Learning with Kernel Machines
CIS537 - Deep Learning and Neural Networks
CIS541 - Framing Front-End Web Development
CIS542 - Structuring Content with HTML
CIS543 - Styling Web Content with CSS
CIS544 - Composition and Responsive Design
CIS545 - Improving User Experience with Interactivity
CIS546 - Collecting Data with Forms
CIS551 - Python Fundamentals
CIS552 - User-Defined Functions in Python
CIS553 - Developing a Currency Converter
CIS554 - Controlling Program Flow
CIS555 - Mastering Data Structures
CIS556 - Auditing Datasets
CTECH101 - Developing a Product Hypothesis and User Personas
CTECH102 - Product Vision and Goals
CTECH103 - Product Roadmapping
CTECH104 - Product Prototyping
CTECH105 - Product Analytics and Iteration
CTECH106 - Product Engineering and Execution
CTECH111 - Preparing for Digital Transformation
CTECH112 - Rapid Ideation
CTECH113 - Generating Opportunities for Digital Disruption
CTECH114 - Developing and Pitching Ideas
CTECH115 - Value Creation and the Business Model Canvas
CTECH116 - Prototypes and Pilots
CTECH117 - Experimentation Planning
CTECH201 - Cryptocurrencies and Ledgers
CTECH202 - Cryptography Essentials
CTECH203 - Blockchain Fundamentals
CTECH204 - Applications of Blockchain Technology
DYS561 - Innovating with 5G
DYS562 - Launching 5G Applications
DYS563 - Building Your Market Advantage
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