CIPA511 - Assessing Nonprofits using Financial Statements and Ratios
CIPA512 - Determining Appropriate Budgeting, Debt Financing, and Cash Flow
CIPA513 - Fundraising and Revenue Generation
CIPA514 - Strategically Governing the Organization
CORE101 - Examining Scarcity and Opportunity Cost
CORE102 - Analyzing Price and Equilibrium
CORE103 - Conducting Market Analysis and Predicting Price
CORE104 - Modeling Perfect Competition
CORE105 - Comparing Monopolies and Competition
CORE111 - Foundations of Financial Statements
CORE112 - Accruals and Cash Flows
CORE113 - Sales Accounting
CORE114 - Investments, Capital and Financial Forecasting
CREA501 - Assessing Startup Viability and Funding Options
CREA502 - Pitching Your Business Opportunity
CREA503 - Protecting Your Interests
CREA504 - Financial Planning, Valuation and Dilution
CREA505 - Company Structure and Due Diligence
CREA506 - Post-Investment Best Practices
DYS551 - Finance and Accounting Principles
DYS552 - Marketing Fundamentals
DYS553 - Strategic Business Planning and Forecasting
DYS554 - Managing Organizations
DYS555 - Leading Without Authority
DYS556 - Navigating the Global Business Landscape
HAME507 - Mastering the Time Value of Money
HAME508 - Making Capital Investment Decisions
HAME509 - Risk and Return: How to Identify, Measure, and Incorporate Into Capital Budgeting Decisions
HAME510 - Raising Capital: The Process, the Players, and Strategic Considerations
HAME513 - Understanding Financial Statements
HAME514 - Using Ratio Analysis to Evaluate Financial Performance
LSM531 - Choosing the Right Performance Measures for Your Organization
LSM532 - Aligning Performance Measures with Business Strategy
LSM533 - Measuring and Motivating Performance
LSM534 - Measuring and Improving Margins
LSM535 - Managing Business Capacity with Activity-Based Costing
LSM536 - Measuring and Improving Efficiency
LSM621 - FinTech Disruptions
LSM622 - Trends in FinTech
SLN576 - Process Analysis in Operations
SLN577 - Improving Operations
SLN578 - Quality Control Systems
SLN579 - Inventory Management Strategies
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