Course Description

Management of the international public sector is a growing challenge of the 21st century. International organizations are increasingly charged with taking a major role in solving global problems. Management of international organizations, however, is qualitatively different from managing national institutions or private sector corporations. In this course, Professor Mathiason presents results-based management as the core tool you’ll use to do this work.

This course will provide you with an overview of how to define and address complex international problems. This information will help you be more effective working within this complex, historic, and ever-changing industry. You’ll practice planning for results-based management (RBM), a management method that focuses on obtaining results that are outside the control of a program or project but which can be achieved through the production of outputs. Accomplishing this requires careful planning, and you’ll focus throughout the course experience on how this can be done.

Faculty Author

John Mathiason

Benefits to the Learner

  • Define how and where your organization can help solve problems
  • Establish accountability in international organizations
  • Create a problem statement and establish a time horizon for a program
  • Define objectives to be achieved, program outcomes, and measurements
  • Identify data sources to evaluate the effectiveness of a program
  • Confirm the feasibility of data collection
  • Report progress accurately based on data
  • Complete the results-based management cycle with evaluation

Target Audience

  • Current and aspiring international program managers in public, NGO, or nonprofit organizations
  • People at all levels in international public service organizations, government, and NGOs
  • The program is especially relevant for those involved in program and project management, planning and budgeting, and program evaluation/results demonstration
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4 week
May 11, 2022 to Jun 07, 2022
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