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  • Individual contributors
  • Managers
  • Executives
  • Communications professionals
  • Entrepreneurs


  • Persuasive Communication Certificate from Cornell SC Johnson College of Business
  • 60 Professional Development Hours (6 CEUs)

Certificate Description

In business and in life, one of the most crucial skills you can develop is the art of persuasion. When communicating your ideas to others, practicing how to craft a succinct and persuasive message can allow you to push projects forward, gain buy-in from stakeholders, and advance in your career.

In this certificate program, you will investigate a variety of approaches to communicate effectively with different audiences. By assessing the needs of your audience and implementing this audience analysis along with some key techniques and strategies, you will be better positioned to craft the ideal message and delivery for your persuasion goals. Whether you are preparing a presentation for a group of decision makers or speaking informally to a few colleagues, you can use the recommended best practices in this program to achieve better results.

For the best experience in this program it is recommended to take these courses in the order that they appear.

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Persuasive Communication

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