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Target Audience

  • Beekeepers with at least three years of experience 
  • Beekeepers seeking advanced depth and breadth of knowledge to increase the success of their operation, extend their business opportunities, and gain credibility as a resource in the beekeeping community


  • Eligibility to take the Cornell Master Beekeeping Certificate Exam series

Certificate Description

This series of courses equips beekeepers from the hobby to the commercial level with the concepts, knowledge, and best management practices needed to pass Cornell University’s Master Beekeeper Certificate written, oral, and field examinations.

By the end of this series of courses you will have the skills and knowledge needed to keep colonies healthy and productive year after year. You’ll be able to expand the amount, quality, and type of bee products and services you produce; and determine if you want to take advantage of the business opportunities that beekeeping can provide. You will gain a deep understanding of honey bees as living organisms and be able to navigate controversial topics so you can communicate with credibility in the beekeeping community. Lastly, you will be able to act as a resource to educate new beekeepers and participate in bee research and outreach. 

In order to receive the final certificate, students must contribute meaningfully in a set number of discussions, moderated by Emma Mullen, Extension Associate, and pass the written, oral, and field exams at Dyce Lab. The exam series includes a written exam, the delivery of a presentation, and a field exam where individuals will demonstrate key beekeeping skills. A Cornell University Master Beekeeper Certificate from Cornell University's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Department of Entomology will be awarded to individuals who successfully complete the required coursework and receive a passing grade on all portions of the exam series.

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Master Beekeeping

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