4 Courses Required

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Target Audience

  • Professionals in any industry who need to communicate and interpret data
  • Business managers utilizing analytics or benchmarking and comparison
  • Professionals from any business function
  • Government workers engaged in policy analysis
  • Healthcare professionals


  • Statistical Foundations Certificate from Cornell ILR School
  • 40 Professional Development Hours (4 CEUs)

Certificate Description

In today’s data-driven world, you can’t afford to be the only one at the table who lacks analytical knowledge.

This certificate program will familiarize you with basic statistical concepts and terminology that will help you become a better reader and producer of meaningful data reports for your business. You will learn how to evaluate statistical summaries and apply critical tools to assess their validity. You will practice creating the most effective graphic presentation for your reports. As part of this certificate, you will explore a variety of statistical tests and learn how to choose the right test for your needs. Finally, you will have an opportunity to experiment with more complex reporting tools and apply them to interpret real-world data.

You’ll come away from the program with a more analytical mindset and increased confidence to work with data and data analysts to drive performance and decision-making in your organization.

For the optimal experience, it is strongly recommended that you complete these courses in sequential order.

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Statistical Foundations

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