11 Courses Required

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Target Audience

  • Women interested in developing a career in product management
  • Product managers
  • Data scientists and analysts
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Tech leaders
  • Software developers and engineers
  • UX and web design professionals
  • Project managers
  • MBA students


  • Women in Product Certificate from Cornell College of Engineering
  • 110 Professional Development Hours (11 CEUs)

Certificate Description

As the key to developing innovative solutions to customer needs and driving growth, product management is one of today’s increasingly critical and fast-growing fields — yet one where women are massively underrepresented.

This certificate program provides the opportunity for women interested in growing a career in product to gain the essential skills needed to design and develop a product through its entire lifecycle, from scoping and development through launch and beyond. The courses will introduce you to the processes of initiating new products, identifying the target customer, creating user stories, and design and development. In the second half of the program, you will examine some of the issues facing women leaders in the workplace and develop strategies for dealing with them, including how to best negotiate in the workplace, how to effectively provide both positive and negative feedback, and how to strengthen your emotional intelligence to stand out as a leader among both men and women.

The ultimate goal of the program is to encourage more women to grow into product leaders that develop innovative apps or solutions on which the world may be currently missing out.

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Women in Product
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